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                          Medical technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

                          Image Medraw Techonlogy
                                Image Medraw Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specialized in digital medicine and medical 3D printing, providing complete solution and personalized services on medical 3D printing and related areas. With our professional software products on medical 3D image processing and design, we serve clinical request in: 1) Medical 3D design, modeling and surgical planning, 2) 3D printing of case model for diagnosis and treatment, as well as other personalized medical equipments for rehabilitation, surgical guide, implantation, etc, 3) Medical engineering collaboration, including project development, intellectual property rights, etc.

                                As a technology oriented company, our R & D department accounts for more than 70% of our personnel, focused on emerging technologies and innovative applications, with teams on medical 3D design, medical software research and development, medical equipment research and development, as well as 3D printing manufacturing.

                                At present and in the future, Medraw will always base itself on the needs of doctors, dedicated to the development and in-depth application of 3D printing technology across various clinical departments. Medraw will keep on serving with insights and excellence, and beyond the demand of customers.

                                Medraw takes its root in China but also looks abroad, determined to become a high-tech company with international impact in the field of medical 3D printing!

                          • 三维打印技术的临床应用


                          • 2017年医用3D打印技术的七个领域应用


                          • 三维打印技术的临床应用


                          • 2017年医用3D打印技术的七个领域应用


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